Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Week three was slower as I previously had mentioned in my last post. All rested up and ready for the arrival/departure of our guests. Changeover went smoothly, I kept the fire going in the Great Room and the guests happy with house made chocolate ganache hot chocolate. This week I was also able to meet KPL's president Michael Uehara who will be staying with us for the week. He definitely was a hit with the staff with his kind, professional manner and box of sweets and gossip magazines he smuggled into the staff lodge. We all suffered from sugar highs for the next few days but were able to power through the early mornings and late nights.

Me and Chels were able to get off the lodge this week and went for a hike up the unnamed waterfall/river to the unnamed lake. I'll eventually come up with a name for it. The hike was beautiful. Moss covered everything, numerous waterfalls, mountains, and mosquitos. The hike took us a total 3.5 hours to and from. Although we did take longer to the lake because we did stop to look at our surroundings and treaded lightly because...afterall, we are in the heart in the Great "Bear" Rainforest. I got to borrow a knife and bear spray, felt pretty tough and "mountain-man-like". I took a few pictures and videos of our journey. To top it off we found the canoe stored away in the woods and took it out for a paddle. So gorgeous! The only people out on the lake. So untouched and truly a great experience.

This week we have our co-op meeting with our supervisors at the lodge. We are going over our goals and expectations I believe. Look forward to getting to sit down and hammer out this part of our project for school. Things have got off to a pretty slow start school wise as we have been fairly busy getting the lodge up and running 100%. Wish me luck!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Week two was the first week we had a decent occupancy rate. We had 20 guests staying over for 4-6 days. KPL usually operates at no more than 36 guests at a time. Operation of the lodge went smoothly due the the well trained staff and enthusiastic visitors who were out on their adventures rain or shine. It was a real test for everyone in all departments, and from what I saw on the food and beverage side, our high service standards and attention to the detail made their dinning experience at KPL a memorable one.
Our Executive Chef Richard Benson is one of the most talented chefs I've worked with to date. The things he creates in the kitchen knocks my socks off. He creates his ever changing seasonal menu by using what is readily available and fresh. He is always teaching us new things, terminology,cooking methods and tastings of the food we serve. Mmmm mmmm good! To top it off guests go bananas for his food. Going above and beyond their expectations on a daily basis. No wonder he was approached by one of our guests who offered to publish his own book and suggested that we pitch a reality TV would be a cross between the hills and deadliest catch. Bomb digity. 30 Staff members who give up 4-6 months of their lives to work on a luxury adventure lodge in the middle of the second largest remaining temperate rainforest. High maintenance guests, busy schedules, early morning, and late night debauchery make for an exciting summer season! It takes a certain kind of person to handle this sort of lifestyle.
PS, this week i worked a ton, slept pretty much half a day today(saturday). We only have 6 guests this week so i got the weekend off. We are all in need of a little r&r. last week in two days I worked 28 hours....not very fun but $$$! Beginning to finalize my goal setting with my supervisors. We are working together to find goals that will apply to me and the lodge. Number one goal....survival. jk

Friday, June 18, 2010


This has been a week of many firsts for me! The beginning of my adventures started on Saturday. I stayed in Richmond that night at the Delta Airport hotel. It was UFC night and there were fighters everywhere...luckily i managed to avoid confrontation for the weekend. My Flight was 10am Sunday morning. It was my first time flying as well as my first time away from home for this length of time. Basically an emotional train wreck the night before.

I took a bunch of pictures and videos on my flight. I got to sit right over the wing of the plane on the first flight to Port Hardy and Bella Bella, then from there we took the sketchy 70 year old float plane to the lodge. On the way to KPL I was able to sneak my way into the "cockpit" with pilot Brian. In total the journey to the lodge was 2.5 hours. It was amazing to see all the lakes, rivers, and glaciers.

The lodge is more beautiful then pictures can describe. It rained for the first 2 days at the lodge. Once the rest of the crew arrived we were able to go to a local whale watching facility and had awesome BBQ with all the staff together. The next few days consisted of final touches,setup, and department orientations. The unique thing about KPL is that each year the resort is towed by tugboats from Prince Rupert to Barnard Harbor. It takes about 50 hours to get the both lodges, docks and boats to our spot tucked behind Princess Royal Island. Its almost like opening up a brand new resort every season.

The day before opening most of us had a half day off. A great day for a fishing derby! So into the boats we went and the competition began. We spent about 4.5 hours out on the water in an area called Eclipse. There were eagles, humpback whales, orcas, and wildlife everywhere! To top it off me and Chels were able to hook two chinook salmon. I caught the first fish for out boat and it weighed about 13lbs....hers was 16. Although it was a valiant effort, we lost the derby. Troy took the win with a 20 lb spring.

Our first group of guests arrive friday. Its a group of 12 consisting of 4 that are staff and family. Should be good times. We have a great team here and I look forward to their arrival!