Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Week three was slower as I previously had mentioned in my last post. All rested up and ready for the arrival/departure of our guests. Changeover went smoothly, I kept the fire going in the Great Room and the guests happy with house made chocolate ganache hot chocolate. This week I was also able to meet KPL's president Michael Uehara who will be staying with us for the week. He definitely was a hit with the staff with his kind, professional manner and box of sweets and gossip magazines he smuggled into the staff lodge. We all suffered from sugar highs for the next few days but were able to power through the early mornings and late nights.

Me and Chels were able to get off the lodge this week and went for a hike up the unnamed waterfall/river to the unnamed lake. I'll eventually come up with a name for it. The hike was beautiful. Moss covered everything, numerous waterfalls, mountains, and mosquitos. The hike took us a total 3.5 hours to and from. Although we did take longer to the lake because we did stop to look at our surroundings and treaded lightly because...afterall, we are in the heart in the Great "Bear" Rainforest. I got to borrow a knife and bear spray, felt pretty tough and "mountain-man-like". I took a few pictures and videos of our journey. To top it off we found the canoe stored away in the woods and took it out for a paddle. So gorgeous! The only people out on the lake. So untouched and truly a great experience.

This week we have our co-op meeting with our supervisors at the lodge. We are going over our goals and expectations I believe. Look forward to getting to sit down and hammer out this part of our project for school. Things have got off to a pretty slow start school wise as we have been fairly busy getting the lodge up and running 100%. Wish me luck!

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