Saturday, June 26, 2010


Week two was the first week we had a decent occupancy rate. We had 20 guests staying over for 4-6 days. KPL usually operates at no more than 36 guests at a time. Operation of the lodge went smoothly due the the well trained staff and enthusiastic visitors who were out on their adventures rain or shine. It was a real test for everyone in all departments, and from what I saw on the food and beverage side, our high service standards and attention to the detail made their dinning experience at KPL a memorable one.
Our Executive Chef Richard Benson is one of the most talented chefs I've worked with to date. The things he creates in the kitchen knocks my socks off. He creates his ever changing seasonal menu by using what is readily available and fresh. He is always teaching us new things, terminology,cooking methods and tastings of the food we serve. Mmmm mmmm good! To top it off guests go bananas for his food. Going above and beyond their expectations on a daily basis. No wonder he was approached by one of our guests who offered to publish his own book and suggested that we pitch a reality TV would be a cross between the hills and deadliest catch. Bomb digity. 30 Staff members who give up 4-6 months of their lives to work on a luxury adventure lodge in the middle of the second largest remaining temperate rainforest. High maintenance guests, busy schedules, early morning, and late night debauchery make for an exciting summer season! It takes a certain kind of person to handle this sort of lifestyle.
PS, this week i worked a ton, slept pretty much half a day today(saturday). We only have 6 guests this week so i got the weekend off. We are all in need of a little r&r. last week in two days I worked 28 hours....not very fun but $$$! Beginning to finalize my goal setting with my supervisors. We are working together to find goals that will apply to me and the lodge. Number one goal....survival. jk

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