Thursday, August 5, 2010


This has been an amazing week! I had a pretty mellow week work wise which gave me a lots of free time to get out and about! I spent a few days in the kitchen before my 2 days off. I was able to get out to the Kiel/Cameron Cove hike which is supposed to go from one cove to another by crossing dense rainforest and and hilly terrain. We didn't make it due to too many right turns... We did however see lots of cool things while we were adventuring. We dubbed our new route, the Kiel to Kiel friendship loop. Once we made it to the top of the loop, we began to follow a wolf trail that ran alongside a small creek which lead straight back to the Kiel inlet. This is probably where we went wrong. All in all good times!

Day 2 of my adventures started early with my sights on X Mountain located on Campania Island 20 minutes away from the lodge. The team was made up of Michelle, Kristi, Naomi, and myself with our trusted driver Dan. Before we got the the mountain we were distracted by two large humpback whales playing in the channel. We stopped to watch them for a few minutes and got to see them breech and dance in the water. It's a pretty spectacular seeing such massive animals getting air like that. The day before the hike another group of coworkers went to X Mountain and it took them 9 hours....they got lost to say the least. So we made sure that we knew where we were going and the routes to take. We took the route on the left side of the X and went straight up. The views all the way to the top were amazing. It took us just under 2 hours to make it to the top of the mountain. We could see surrounding lakes, valleys, islands, boats, and whales. Once we made it to the top we had lunch and did some deep breathing and stretching. The rest of the day consisted of me putting on a wetsuit that was too small for me, and going swimming in the harbor to the empty West Coast fishing dock next door. I did some arial acrobatics off the shed on the dock and swam like a seal....until I cramped up on the way back and swam in circles.

On my last day off I was able to do some fishing and caught a 10 lb coho. I need to get more fish in the freezer so I can give some out to my friends and family. I have lots of plans to cook, cure, and smoke the fish I catch. I need to get some halibut too.

OH! I also hike up Ladder Falls which is located just around the corner from the lodge. Once we made it to the top there was a swimming hole called Infinity pool which overlooks the steep waterfall, ocean, and glacier covered mountains. Kristi brought clay with her...we covered ourselves in clay and I got a few pretty funny pictures. Check them out.

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