Friday, August 20, 2010


This week started off with me packing my bags, my fish, and taking a plane home. Met up with Kelly at the airport and proceeded to get a fix on my sushi addiction in Richmond at some all-u-can-eat. After we did a bit of shopping and then attempted to find our way to the Nanaimo ferry...which we missed. In the lineup at the ferry, ran into Brenton and Mike. We Met up with Brenton once we boarded the boat and caught up for a while. Made it into town late that night and stayed with my Dad.
While I was in Courtenay with Kel we went to all my favourite rivers spots, for dinner with my dad and brother, and ran into a few friends.
Two days later I planned on going back to Victoria to see more family and friends. It all seemed pretty rushed due to the fact I only had 5 days to accomplish everything; buy 5 bandanas, wool for Kristie, deliver all my fish, go out with my friends, take old laptop to get fixed.
It was great seeing everyone and wished It could have been for 7 days since 2 of 5 were spent driving and waiting in ferry lineups.
Pretty excited to use the fly rod and flies Dad sent me home with. Im ready to get some fishing done.

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