Friday, August 20, 2010


Back to the lodge, and its been a week of adventures and lots of hours worked. For a majority of the week I have been in the kitchen dishwashing, helping with dinner service, and serving in the dinning room. It was nice to get away from the lodge, but is a bit of a relief getting away from society once again.

Have definitely got good use out of the fly rod Dad sent up with me. Almost every day since I've been home i've been out on the water or creekside fishing the estuaries and creeks. Have had very little luck with fishing from the Tyee boat in the harbor, but fly fishing the fresh water was pretty successful with 14 fish in one day. I've been taking lots of footage lately as well. Have been able to get some pretty cool shots of dinner service in the kitchen with Chef on more than one occasion. I have been taking that camera everywhere I go because you never know when there will be an opportunity to see something awesome.

I sent in my 3 pictures for the co-op photo competition this month. I'm pretty happy with the pictures I submitted but worry that the photos didn't look "work related" enough....I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I believe all the pictures I've submitted have been, at one point, either on my blog or Facebook so you have already seen them!

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