Friday, September 10, 2010


Rain rain go away...

There was about 3 days in the last week and a half that didn't rain. Regardless I was able to make the best of my time with back to back fishing trips and lake expeditions. I had a blast with Logan, James, Naomi and Kristie; pretty solid team.

A horrible thing happened on the Whalen Lake adventure. First of all we had a pretty short time in which we were able to stay out because I had to work at we left the lodge around 12:00 and made it to the creek at 1:00....things just took too long to get going because of a dropping tide and lack of parking space in the estuary. We had to then portage the canoe up hill through the a overgrown trail for about 30 mins.
Once we made it to the lake we took time to eat a little snack of leftover pizza and cantaloupe. After eating we set up our rods and the four of us packed into the canoe. Our goal was to make it to the second point of the lake which we estimated would take us about an hour. Logan was sure that there was a creek feeding into the lake at that point. It was most likely to have fish residing in the creek mouth thus making our chances of catching fish higher. Once we actually got the the spot we had a 30 minute window to fish.
I think at about 3:35 we decided to leave. Logan steered and I sat up front paddling. We basically went full tilt all the way for about 40 minutes...I didn't want to be late for work! It was official, we were in a rush. We scrambled out of the canoe and I was flailing around to put my rod away not realizing that my reel spool was coming lose. I stuck it rod in the rod case and the reel popped off and rolled off a steep rocky drop off. I lost the reel my dad gave me. :( I felt helpless as the last of my floating line disappeared into the mirky darkness....
Me and Logan portaged the canoe downhill in an impressive 20 minutes with Naomi. Meanwhile James was back at the lake searching for my reel haha. A valiant effort on his part for sure. Once he caught up we canoed out to the boat and took off full tilt towards home. Obviously made it back in time!

Work has been pretty good this last week. No hiccups in service and we had a successful changeover once again. It's bear season and we have been graced with the presence of a medium sized black bear that stops by every now and then. There has also been a bunch of Kermode bear sightings in Cameron Cove just around the corner from the lodge. Pretty exciting times. Wish me luck, I'mma catch me a spirit bear!

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