Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 11

Its been raining a lot for the past week. We have had a few delays in guest departures/arrivals. Our team has managed to keep our heads high and our guests happy. Things are starting to come to an end here at the lodge. We are beginning to get our stuff slowly packed up so that the shutdown is a little bit easier. James, Logan, Jess and Kristi are leaving on the next changeover. Its going to be great to see them in the real world and I hope that we can stay in contact.

I have had some issues with my things this season at the lodge...I think the combo of me living in the freakin' Bermuda Triangle and the moisture in the air have destroyed all my electronics. First my computer stopped working; freezing all the time. Then my camera, hard drive, and phone get all messed up and stopped working. I have such bad luck.

Haven't had much opportunity to get out on the boats to go fishing or sightseeing. But of course on the one day I do I forgot my camera. Kristi, Naomi, James and I went out halibut fishing and and got a spectacular show from 2 humpback whales feeding and breaching no more that 25 feet from our small boat. To top it off while the whales were feeding, a large pod of porpoises joined the party and teamed up on the bait ball clusters around the boat. If only I had my camera...

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